And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Romans 5:2

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It is amazing to me the things you miss in life unless you happen to be looking with the right kind of eyes and notice them. For example, I was stopped at a crosswalk at a local elementary school just as school let out. And while I was sitting there in my car I noticed that the woman who was serving as the crossing guard was very popular with all the kids. As they walked by her they would reach out and touch her on the arm to say, "hello." A couple of children as they walked by held up their school pictures and you could tell from the smile on the crossing guard’s face that she was communicating to these small ones that she thought they were just terrific. And I thought to myself as I sat in the traffic that here is a woman who is not only making sure these children get across the street safely but at the same time letting them know that they mattered. She’s at the crosswalk for awhile in the morning and awhile in the afternoon and all the while making a difference. And then there was the young man—probably a college student—walking up to the entrance of the local HEB who on his way grabbed a shopping cart someone had left in the middle of a parking spot and pushed it up to the front of the store and left it with the rows of other carts while he went into the store. Again I thought to myself, here is such a small thing…moving a cart out of a parking spot, getting it out of the way so that it doesn’t chip the paint on someone’s car…it’s small but it made a huge difference in someone's day. And have you noticed how polite people can be coming and going from the local starbucks…smiling and holding open the door for you. An instant of politness. Little acts of kindness. A brief encounter with courteousness. A brush with charity. When Jesus talks of going the extra mile, he not only means those moments that call for great sacrifice but also every degree in between that brings goodness, decency and rightness into everyday life.


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