And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Romans 5:2

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


This past Sunday we (meaning the staff and shepherds) announced that in an effort to address the five biblical areas of the church's mission, we would be realigning and restructuring our staff as well as hiring two additional ministers to become part of our ministry team. All of this is our attempt to be much more focused in our ministries with the hopeful product being greater effectiveness and excellence in our ministries.

The five areas are: Worship, Ministry, Fellowship, Evangelism and Discipleship. These can be found in the biblical texts we call The Great Commandment and the The Great Commission.

I will continue to preach and teach as well as work with our worship (and with our worship leader, Ben). I will add to my list of responsibilities the area of evangelism and outreach.

Richard will transition slowly from youth and family to what we are calling the "Congregational Life Minister." His responsibilities will be to help our church administer better our ministies, communication needs, technology and ministry development.

Douglas will continue to work with our adults in various ways but now with the official title of Minister of Adult Discipleship. His duties will continue to be to oversee adult education and involvement but the emphasis will be to make disciples of our adults.

Tamra, our newest staff member (one year anniversary coming up!)will serve as Director of Children's ministries.

With the addition of two new staff members, we will once again have six full time ministers on board.

Our congregation has been challenged to pray three times a day during the entire month of May as we begin the search process. This is to also include fasting for those who choose to do so.

May God grant us His favor.


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